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Stabilization Fund

The Atyrau Region Stabilization Fund regulates prices for socially important food products. From 2012 to 2021, 16 items from the approved list of socially significant goods in the amount of 21,216.9 tons of food products and 2 million eggs were delivered to the fund of the region, as well as loans for working capital in the amount of 1,035 million tenge were issued to stabilize prices for 18 items of NWT.

The sale of purchased food products was carried out at prices below market prices.

The second mechanism of price regulation is the issuance of loans to business entities.

In 2020-2022, 5 loans were issued to stabilize prices for NWT.

Tasks of the stability Fund:

  • Stabilization of prices for socially important food products
  • Ensuring food security in Atyrau region
List of outlets for the sale of socially significant goods of the Atyrau region Stabilization Fund
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Granting preferential loans is an effective way to stabilize prices for socially important food products. Such loans help business entities to sell goods from the NWPT list at below-market prices. By taking a loan, retail chains and commodity producers get access to working capital on a preferential basis and, for their part, take strict obligations to sell products at fixed prices
The sale of goods on a preferential loan is carried out in 49 retail outlets.

The Commission under the Akimat of Atyrau region is engaged in the selection of a business entity for issuing a loan and consideration of proposals for determining the maximum trade allowance for NWPT.

Loan terms

Concessional lending for the stabilization of NWPT prices at a low interest rate.

The loan amount is determined according to the application of the business entity

Required documents

For consideration by the Commission of the issue of granting a loan, the business entity enters the following information:
1) an application indicating the amount of the loan, as well as indicating the necessary cost calculations, the proposed list of food products, the terms of repayment of the loan;
2) financial statements for the previous and/or current financial year with a breakdown of accounts payable and receivables, a list of fixed assets; (agreed on this item);
3) a notarized copy of the Charter of the business entity;
4) certificate of state registration (re-registration);
4) certificate of state registration (re-registration); 5) a notarized copy of the document on the appointment (election) of the first head (for legal entities);
6) power of attorney to the person(s) representing the interests for the right to sign the application, with the exception of the first head;
7) information about available loans and credit history;
8) information about the absence of tax arrears and mandatory payments to the budget, wage arrears and social contributions.

The documents are submitted to the office of JSC "SEC "Atyrau".